Is This the Best Audio You Can Get for Fortnite?

“If you’re a serious Fortnite player on the PC, I can’t see why you wouldn’t do this.” 
— Jason T. Lewis

Hey Audio Royale fans! We’re thrilled with this review from Painfully Honest Tech where Jason takes you though the features and compares Fortnite’s default audio to Audio Royale

Jason’s know for his critical eye and ear when it comes to cutting-edge technology. With over 30 years experience in audio recording and music performance, we knew Jason would be able to offer our audiences an honest opinion on Audio Royale. 

Jason begins the video by giving an overview of the software, introducing the GUI and other special features for custom-tuning your in-game audio. 

“The audio from Fortnite still leaves something to be desired. Audio Royale will allow you to listen and customize your sound to what you want to hear” 
 — Jason T. Lewis

He then uses Audio Royale in real-time, playing a few sessions of Fortnite on his PC, switching between Audio Royale and default audio. We’ll let you decide which one you like better, but we have a pretty good idea. 

“I’m really impressed with what they’ve been able to do with this driver by tuning it for Fortnite” 
— Jason T. Lewis

Finally, Jason offers feedback on his whole experience of Audio Royale. 

Using the Audio Royale plugin compared to the [default audio], I was able to have a better chance of reacting to my surroundings. 
— Jason T. Lewis

Want to check out the video? Watch it here. Once you’ve done that, check out Audio Royale’s website. And follow us on Instagram for more awesome updates.