Audio Royale: Not Just for Fortnite Anymore?

For even the newest Fortnite gamer, Audio Royale presents many options for enhancing the way you hear the game. From different modes, to an entirely customizable EQ, there’s no telling how many different audio settings one can achieve with Audio Royale. But, it’s not just for Fortnite anymore. We’ve totally renovated the app, and have made it accessible for all sorts of Battle Royale games like Player Unknown BattleGrounds and Apex Legends. 

Audio Royale Levels Up Your Battle Royale Gaming
Audio Royale is now custom-tuned for dramatically increasing the sound of ALL legendary Battle Royale games like PUBG and Apex Legends. If you thought Fortnite sounded better with Audio Royale, wait until you hear it on Apex Legends.  Navigate new territories with precision, take on your enemies like never before, and get ready to have control over all of your game’s audio. Take your gaming to the next level in all of your favorite battle royale games by pinpointing the source of gunshots, locating footsteps through walls, and increasing your situational awareness. 

Audio Royale Changes Your Movie Sound
Maybe us gamers want to take a break, so we flick on the latest episode of Stranger Things. But we’re left wanting more when listening over headphones. Well, good news. Audio Royale transfers over to all your media that supports 5.1 or 7.1 listening. If you love surround sound, but just don’t have the money for a whole set up, simply turn on Audio Royale and tune in. We’ve made it simpler than ever before to use Audio Royale, meaning you can use it for even more than just gaming. 

Exciting Announcements 
There are some things worth waiting for. We’re a bunch of audio geeks and we’re constantly tweaking in our lab. We’re working on allowing Audio Royale to import custom HRTF impulse responses so you can hear in-game sound like you’d hear the world around you. Of course, availability will start with those who want to visit us — in person! — and get measurements from our Grammy-award-winning audio engineers at a professional audio studio. Stay tuned for announcements about head-tracking capabilities, and custom EQ profiles for all the major headphone manufacturers. 

Audio Royale Can Do More for Your Audio
You heard it here first. We’ve totally renovated Audio Royale so you can get even more out of your sound with the app. We think it’s pretty great. We think it’s worth exploring. Go ahead and navigate to to learn more.