Listen to a Demo of AUDIO ROYALE

We’ve built a PC sound driver that unlocks your game’s 7.1 surround sound.

But you are going to want to hear for yourself. Sit back, slide on ANY pair of headphones, and hold onto your Gold Pump.

Our proprietary audio engine called SONAMI was previously only available to professional audio engineers, now we bring it to gamers around the world through Audio Royale.


The Split-Second Advantage

We are proud to introduce AUDIO ROYALE, the world’s first sound driver specially tuned for battle royale. PC Gamers can now experience full 3D sound without paying out the battle bus for a pair of 7.1 surround headphones.

Increase Your Situation Awareness

With ninja-like hearing you’ll be immersed in the game like never before.

Locate Footsteps Through Walls

It’s like X-Ray vision for your ears so you can game with confidence knowing your opponent’s moves.

Pinpoint Source of Gunshots

Hear the game as though you were there IRL, so you can react quicker, and survive longer.


Audio Royale

For the first time ever, the professional Audio Engine that drives theatrical movie, OTT, and VR experiences is now available to gamers World Wide. Audio Royale has been specially tuned for battle royale in order to provide easy-to-use features that will help you up your game.

  • Soldier and Ninja Mode
  • Visualizer shows position of audio source
  • 10 Channel EQ
  • Bass Boost
  • 5.1 and 7.1 Channel Support
Technical Facts
  • Optimized CPU efficiency
  • Best-in-class frame rate
  • Lowest latency on the market
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Three Ways to Get Audio Royale

Monthly Subscription

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Free Trial
14-days completely free

14 days completely free, no credit card required, no obligations,  no joke.

Annual Subscription

Epic savings is your reward for loyalty. Sign up now to save big for the whole year!


The Leadership Team

The Audio Royale Team brings decades of professional audio experience, a passion for esports, & a proficiency in developing high-end, well-engineered software applications.

Matt Marrin
Greg Morgenstein
Matthew Pollock
Matt Pritchard
Community Management
Saul Laufer
Lead Architect
Richard Zhang
Lead Software Engineer
Andy Hay
Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided info on Audio Royale, the world’s first PC sound driver specially tuned for Fortnite. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Audio Royale?

Audio Royale is the world’s first PC sound driver specially tuned for Fortnite.

How does Audio Royale work?

Audio Royale works by unlocking the 5.1 surround sound of Fortnite for discreet 5.1 playback on any headphone using proprietary technology that was previously available only to professional audio engineers.

Is Audio Royale cheating/hacking?

No, Audio Royale isn’t a cheat or a hack. Fortnite generates a surround sound audio signal, but it is restricted to people who pay big bucks for 5.1 or 7.1 surround headphones (or fancy speaker systems). Now you can hear the 3D sound from the game the way the developers intended, without paying out the battle bus.

Does Audio Royale use extra RAM?

Nope. We’re proud about Audio Royale’s CPU-optimized, low-latency performance. Competitive and recreational gamers alike can breath a sign of relief.

Do I need special headphones or sound cards?

No, bro. Nothing. Simply download the software, plug in your favorite headphones, and start battling. Audio Royale will handle the rest. It’s as easy as thanking the bus driver.

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