5 Tips For Using Audio Royale to Optimize Your In-Game Sound

Quick, intense, and exciting, battle royale games are some of the best developments of the past 5 years. We’ve spent countless hours playing Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, and now Call of Duty: Warzone. When we built Audio Royale, we knew that the same thrilling feeling of dodging a sniper bullet or sneaking up on an enemy should be felt by everyone.

But not everyone has the means to secure expensive surround sound headphones. That’s why we created a software to help you use any headphones you have laying around, to get that high-quality, cinematic, premium gaming experience.We’ve learned a thing or two while using our product, Audio Royale, while gaming, and we want to share what we have learned with you. Check it out below.

Don’t Do Default

Most gamers are set to default audio. Spending cash on season passess and character skins, without really knowing that there are other in-game advantages that they could seize, like Audio Royale. Here’s a high-level overview of the software.

Audio Royale is split into two parts. The left side allows you to adjust the volume, boost or lower the bass, as well as choose between three acoustic modes: M, L, and XL; and, the right side which we’ll explain in greater detail below.

If you’re a gamer looking to get started with Audio Royale, watch our video on how to install Audio Royale for the first time, and don’t do default.

Understanding the Visualizer

The first panel you’ll see when opening Audio Royale is the visualizer. This tool actually shows you the direction of where sound is coming from in a full 360-degree circle. Use this tool like a sonic mini-map. You can leverage it when you’re in close quarter combat, or are being sniped from a distance to learn your enemies’ position.

Understanding the Meters

The second clickable panel on the bottom will open up the meters. Get familiar with these. Like the visualizer view, these meters show where the sound is most present, but in an entirely new way. Meters show frequency distribution, which allows you to see how much of a certain audio frequency is present. Are the bars filled up on the right side? Could mean a barrage of bullets is headed toward you. Or is the Sub going through the roof? There’s an explosion near. Toggling between the meters and the visualizer will help you learn how to lean into the sound of the game in order to gain the upper hand.

Understanding the EQ

The third clickable panel allows for even deeper personalization. It’s our 10-band equalizer (EQ). Here, you can custom tune Fortnite, Apex Legends, or even COD: Warzone to exactly how you hear. To start, boost the high-end frequencies so you can hear snipers more clearly. Spend some time with the EQ, and you’ll be using your ninja-like hearing in battle faster than Loba’s tactical. You can even save and load EQs, so all you have to do is boot up Audio Royale and load the depending upon which game you’re playing.

Putting It All Together

Once you’ve dug into Audio Royale, you’ll find yourself using powers you never knew you had. You’ll be able to hear subtleties in footsteps, proximity of bullets to your character, and faster locating of loot crates and loot boxes to drive home even more personalization. If you have trouble figuring out the app right away, don’t worry. Just use our presets: M, L, and XL, in order to get a deeper, richer gaming experience.

Audio Royale can be a great addition to any gamers’ strategy. With custom personalization on your side, you’ll be able to outhear the competition and bring yourself and your team to victory royale. Need a comparison? Check it out here.

Convinced? Awesome. Not convinced? Try it out for yourself. Sign up for a free trial today!