5 Tips for Playing Apex Legends with Surround Sound

No matter your skill level in Apex Legends, or any online game, you’re probably always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. Even streamers like Shroud and Dr. Disrespect are known to partake in crazy rituals to keep up their hotstreaks. 

Some strategies aren’t in-game. They involve hardware, like gaming headphones, mice, keyboards. But there’s no reason to spend all your cash on a new setup right away. Especially if you aren’t winning those sponsorships just yet. 

Second to a new PC, most gamers want improved sound — surround sound. A massive advantage for gamers, surround sound is actually built right into your favorite battle royale games. Most games, in fact, are mixed in surround sound! But, without special headphones or software, a stereo mix is substituted for the surround sound. By using software to listen to the (surround sound!) audio as the developers intended, you’re able to hear through walls, as well as the direction of footsteps and gunshots.

Want to see it for yourself? Try a demo here and once you’re all set up, follow our tips and tricks below to get started improving your in-game strategies. 

Stay Mobile

Near the end of a match in Apex Legends, the map is so small it’s impossible to get around without making noise. Your stealth tactics are best saved for the beginning of the game. After dropping in, see what you can loot. Once you’re done with an area, head to your next objective. The sooner you leave a dead area, the sooner your a** is safe. If you do come across enemies, make sure to listen closely. Need to move? Crouch-walk. If you’re playing as Revenant, you won’t make a sound. 

Damage Figures

Don’t have “damage figures” on in the Settings menu? Might want to change that. These color-coded numbers illustrate the Body Shield of your enemies. Also, when you’re on track for a headshot, they glow gold. Make sure to listen closely when you’re firing with these on. You’ll hear an audio indicator whenever you score a headshot or break through a shield. If you’re firing point blank or in the middle of a multi-player melee, listen to where the VFX is coming from on your surround headphones. If used correctly, you might just have an audio-directional advantage over other fighters. 

Knocking Down vs. Killing Enemies

All Apex players have their own opinion here. What to do when forced with the decision to down or kill your enemy? It all depends on context. If you’ve downed an enemy and decide you want them gone, remember that sending them back to the lobby will use extra ammunition, produce (loud) noise, and take up lots of time. On the other hand, simply downing an enemy might call other teammates to their location. With Audio Royale on, you can listen to where your enemies teammates’ are and hide out until you hear them rush over to (unsuccessfully) revive them. 

Get Comfortable with Short-Range Combat

Still working out the kinks of your play-style? At its best, Apex Legends is more similar to Call of Duty than Fortnite. For many players, a successful close-range battle makes all the difference. In a complicated end-of-game battle, bullets come from all directions in a flurry. Trying to focus on just one sound source can significantly inhibit your ability to tell where the gunshots are coming from. Try using the visualizer on Audio Royale to see the direction of enemy fire. A simple glance can tell you everything you need to know about your current showdown. Learn more about using Audio Royale to up your Apex Legends game here. 

Play a Minimum of 3 Characters

You might think that sticking to one character, like Apex Legends’ Revenant, might be the best idea. The more you play as different characters the better you’ll be able to know their strengths and weaknesses. Apex Legends is a game of choices and double-binds. For example, unlike Fortnite, every Apex Legends character has their own hitbox–with consequences. Wraith’s hitbox is smaller, but she adds on 5% of damage for every hit she takes; Gibraltar has the largest hitbox, but benefits from reduced damage. Listen closely to your characters as you play them, and next time when you’re faced with an enemy you might find yourself following the audio cues to get ahead on your fighting strategy. 

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