5 Tips for Getting Started with Surround Sound & CSGO

This year, CSGO: Danger Zone is rising the ranks as one of the most-played battle royale games. With a dedicated playerbase of CS:GO gamers, Danger Zone will surely be a test of your skill and patience, if you’re new to CounterStrike. Like many battle royale games, you will scavenge for equipment and engage in combat with many players in a shrinking battle arena. Upon dropping in to your location, you start with your fists and a tablet to check the map and current/purchasable items. With only 18 players per game, competition is fierce. So read up on how to decimate the competition with your surround sound setup. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with in no time.

Get Your Surround Set Up

To really benefit from CSGO: Danger Zone’s audio, a surround sound setup is almost always necessary. There are many methods for gaining access to the surround sound baked-in to games like CSGO: Danger Zone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. Developers build these games with surround sound in mind, but gamers are limited by their hardware. Most games are folded down to stereo. But surround sound technology can help you access those surround sound files that the developers intended you to hear.

Footsteps Are Everything

Losing every match? Your nickname on the battlefield might be “Elephant.” There’s one simple trick to dominating in CSGO: Danger Zone, and that’s monitoring your footsteps. Like all games, your character makes noises as they move, and players are always on alert — ready to strike whenever you have a lapse of judgement or step too heavy.

To mitigate this, press SHIFT in order to walk silently. The old adage is true: silence is golden. And in the case of a high-stakes, sudden-death CSGO match, it might mean the difference between a revived teammate or a fast defeat.

Camouflage Yourself in Sound

During every second of the game, you must listen to all in-game sounds! Take note: CSGO: Danger Zone treats its audio just as important as its visuals. You can actually fully navigate by the audio in-game in order to better understand your opponents’ movements.

In fact, by faking sounds you can actually manipulate your rivals into thinking you’re somewhere you are not. Keep this in mind, however, when you’re playing, and make sure you have a virtual surround sound software strategy in place to counter any tricks.

Get Physical, Physical

Strangely enough, the shooting physics in CSGO: Danger Zone allow you to shoot through weak points in walls, doors, and wooden boxes. By knowing where exactly to shoot, you can damage enemies without revealing your position, staying off their radar and their allies’ radars in the process.

If you’re using a surround sound software, like Audio Royale, you can actually tune-in to the battlefield, using it as its own weapon, and shoot through walls, doors, and boxes based on the position of the sound you hear. However, use a mix of stratigies throughout your game. Chances are you might find yourself victim to your own methods if you don’t switch them up!

Graphics Down, Sound Up

Yes, a high-end graphics computer can improve your game, but that’s best reserved for offline play. When playing online, instead turn your graphics settings down. If your computer is lagging or acquiring a high ping rate, lowering your graphics settings can improve your gameplay. Your latency could also be to blame for slow gameplay. Lower graphics settings means better performance, which can lead to more victories.

If you’re bothered by the blockier graphics, use this as an opportunity to tune-in to the battlefield. Adjust your sound settings so they’re perfectly aligned with your ears, and use surround sound to track the exact location of your assailants.

If you’re wanting to beef up your gameplay in Danger Zone, we don’t blame you. It’s a highly-competitive and addictive game, with a whole slough of awesome features. If you want to develop your skills more in-depth, watch War Owl, Adren, TrilluXeand many other CS:GO players. It’s true that you can’t get great at CSGO: DangerZone without learning from others, but surround sound tech is a close second. Take advice from the pros and use it in your matches, and follow our five tips in order to bolster your gameplay style. We have a hunch you might be seeing more victories in the future!