5 Awesome Things about Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8: Cubed

Though the the Alien and IO war is over, a new war has taken shape. The cubes that powered the Mothership are now free. Despite their appearances, these cubes threaten the Island more than the Aliens! 

Look out for their six sides of malice! If you think the corruption they’ve caused is bad now, you have no idea what can happen. Read on for tricks and tips for the latest Fortnite season: Cubed. 

Your Map Goes Sideways

Unfortunately for you, the cubes allow inter-dimensional beings to access Earth! These enemies and energies, dubbed The Sideways, wreak all sorts of havoc. They’ll upset your sense of gravity, and make building even more difficult.

Every match, select POIs will be covered in The Sideways, meaning you’ll need to stay on your toes every match! However, these Sideways Zones do offer a host of benefits if used in the right hands. Read on to learn more.

Sideways Weapons

Using the energy from The Sideways, cube monsters will drop Cube Monster Parts. These parts can be used to craft new weapons. Enter POIs with Sideways Zones in order to seek out items to craft your armory.

Sideways weapons are found as loot in Sideways Zones, and you even catch a reprieve from the traditional monster-hoarding battle usually experienced in Fortnite. These zones are a great place to double-check your strategy before heading out.

Just remember: there are two Sideways Weapons this season: the Sideways Rifle, and the Sideways Minigun. These weapons deal bonus damage if you get them to their superpowered state. Get them as close to overheating as possible for deadly hits!

Build Your Own Base

This season is all about crafting up so you can knock ’em down. As you explore the island, you’ll find turret locations throughout. It’s not just you versus other players anymore. The Cubes will fight a valiant fight against you too!

For this reason, you can donate Bars you find or earn in order to construct Turret Stations. As the season progresses, you’ll even get to use Bars to determine which weapons to unvault, and which new weapons to develop!

Say Hello to Your Old Friends

Bars aren’t necessary for everything! There are new and old guns like the Automatic Sniper Rifle and the Harpoon Gun to put the odds back in your favor.

If you want to transform your weapons into something different, Nuts & Bolts are still around. You can use these to turn your Lever Action Shotgun into the Charge Shotgun, and the Assault Rifle into the Suppressed Assault Rifle. Both of these weapons are top-tier picks for taking down The Sideways and their six-sided friends.

Join the Party!

Residents on the Island need help! They’ve each got a Punch Card full of missions for you. Work with Dark Jonesy, or follow along with Charlotte to investigate the IO. Over the weeks, new residents will ask for your help throughout the Island.

As your’re finishing your missions, look into Party Quests! These are picked up by chatting with residents or using Phone Booths during your adventures. It’s a quick and dirty way to get Bars, too.

Your Party Quests and rewards are shared with everyone in your party, so build a big team and complete quests together. Round up a Squad and get to work!

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