5 Awesome Things About Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Though it has been over a month since the initial launch date, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has finally been announced for today, June 17th. The delays have caused major conspiracy theories and excitement alike, ranging from a Marvel crossover to a full-blown flood. Look no further, however. Our inside sources have pointed us in the right direction. From Let’s take a look at the Epic Games’ recent announcements for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.


On June 15th, 30 minutes before Season 2’s device was expected to go off, players suited up for battle in a team deathmatch mode, in which a hoard of old weapons and abilities could be unlocked.

After the fighting stopped, huge rods shot out of the hatches surrounding Season 2’s Agency. The orb rose above the map, causing a giant storm. Foreshadowed by the posters, a huge wall of water surrounded the building and every around it.

Unfortunately, that was it for the special event. No major changes were confirmed, despite the water surrounded map and the Agency destroyed. Stay tuned as Season 3 takes off later this week. And check out the Doomsday Event from GameSpot here.


Possibly triggered by the “Doomsday Device”, a huge crackling ball of energy, this season’s map is still going to be altered dramatically. While hinted to as a season-ending event, we think the “Doomsday Device” will flood points of the map that feature intersecting rivers. Apex Legends, Epic’s competition, altered their map last season, so it would naturally follow that Fortnite would hop on the same trend.

Data-miners have been working around the clock to to dig up as much information as possible from the in-game files. Season 3 is already being teased with in-game posters discovered near Lazy Lake. These posters feature sharks, water, and life preservers, hinting directly to that flood.


Epic Games has confirmed the latest rumors, that Fortnite will be launching on next-gen consoles. While not an entirely new Fortnite, the game will be optimized to take advantage of new hardware to improve performance and graphics across all consoles.

Curious how it might work? Cross-progression is the future. As long as you have a Fortnite account, items, progress, and account details will carry over. Cross-play will be supported as well, so no need to worry about making progress in your current setup.

Look forward to 2021, when Fortnite might receive its biggest update yet as it migrates to Unreal Engine 5.


We often think of the mobile versions of console or PC games like Fortnite as the lesser ones, sacrificing visual fidelity and performance in order to make them playable on a less powerful, portable device. But phone manufacturer OnePlus has made a notable stride in closing the gap. Through a direct partnership with developer Epic Games, the new OnePlus 8 phone is capable of running Fortnite at a higher framerate than even the console versions of the game.

On the OnePlus 8, Fortnite will come with frame rate options up to 90 FPS. In selecting it, the overall graphics settings will default to ‘Low.’ That’s the catch. So while it doesn’t necessarily look the prettiest, this sort of performance mode makes for the smoothest possible gameplay experience on phones. But, as far as being able to play anywhere goes, it’s a great step in the right direction.


This season’s Mythic Weapons can be grabbed at The AuthorityThe Fortilla, and Catty Corner. At The Authority, you can snag the Drum Gun and Glider Gun. The Glider Gun is the Mythic version of the Batman Grappler. At The Fortilla you can pick up the Mythic Burst AR and Chug Jug from Ocean. And finally at Catty Corner you can pick up the Shockwave Launcher and Mythic Charge Rifle from Kit.

The Aquaman skin in Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite is the Deadpool skin of Chapter 2, Season 2. As you progress throughout the season, you’ll reach the final challenge and you’ll unlock the skin. Don’t worry about payingV-Bucks for the skin. It will be a free skin, you just have to put in the time to complete every challenge.

If you’ve been following online, you might have seen #RipFortnite trending on Twitter, where thousands of players protested against many aspects of the battle royale game, ranging from recent server issues to an influx of n00bs from fresh-faced quaratiners, and the rollout of Fortnite’s skill-based matchmaking. Even the loss of the Fortnite World Cup was horrible for epic games.

No matter what, we’re just excited to see what new content lies around the corner. Got any ideas about what elseSeason 3 could hold? Let us know in the comments. And if you need some tips and tricks to gain an edge on the competition, check out our in-depth surround sound guide here.