5 Awesome Things about Fornite Chapter 2, Season 6: Primal

Grab your crossbows! This new season is going wild. After reality waves from the Zero Point event caused irreparable damage, though Jonsey and The Foundation saved the island. Now, the game-map has become overrun with aggressive beasts. As Fortnite goes Primal, there are new locations, weapons, and animals.

If you’re still wondering what’s new in Primal, we’re here to help cover some of the latest updates for Chapter 2 Season 6. Get all the latest updates here before you set off into your next Primal fight.

New Map Zones

After last season’s Zero Crisis, a large tower, The Spire, emerged from the center of the Island. We’re not certain of its power, but there are Guardian Towers nearby that have been affected.

First and foremost, The Spire hosts some incredible architecture, perfect for jumping, fighting, and gaining the edge up on your enemies. Surrounding The Spire, you’ll find the Boney Burbs, the Colossal Crops, and the island’s orange center. Be sure to look out around the map for Tower Guardians, and jump pads to launch you toward to the main Spire.

As you’re exploring the new map POIs, make sure to hunt for animal bones–these tools will help you craft new weapons.

Fight Like a Hunter

Throughout the map, you’ll encounter roaming wildlife. Don’t hesitate to hunt! These creatures are an excellent resource for survival. Upon killing the beasts, you’ll receive Meat.

By keeping Meat in your inventory, you can consume it recover your HP, and lure predators towards your enemies. With enough Meat, and a bit of convincing, you can get predators to join you in your hunt, and fight your enemies for you.

As you’re foraging, be sure to look out for Cuddle Fish. These scaly creatures cause a proximity attack that can surprise your enemies.

Craft Your Weapons

This season, look for weapons with a hammer icon. These can be crafted to upgrade. You can access crafting through a tab in your inventory, and use animal bones to make Primal weapons, or mechanical parts to create a more powerful arsenal.

As you scavenge, look for items with a high-rarity. These can be crafted with other items in order to make special items. For example, combine a Primal Bow with a can of gas to create a Flame Bow to set things on fire. You can even create enemy deterrents, by combining animal bones and meat to make a Hunter’s Cloak.

Jump Around

If you’re able to bring the Guardian Orbs to The Spire, you’ll be given many rewards. Take the Guardian Orbs to The Spire to receive Mythic Jump Boots!

Three successive jumps will launch you into the air, and deploy your glider. You can get out of a fight that’s turning for the worse in a breeze, or sneak in to cause chaos for your remaining enemies.

New Characters

With Season 6, you must make sure to take advantage of the new characters and new services across the Island.

As you earn bars, you can trade them in for upgrade components. From Cole, you can get mechanical parts. From Bushranger, you can get clever disguises to trick your opponents.

There are still leftover items from the Zero Crisis as well. Look out for Power Chord’s Shadow Tracker, or the Hop-Rock Dualies from Gutbomb. There are still plenty of undiscovered Exotics to come as the new season unfolds!

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