5 Awesome Things about Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem

Kicking the new year off right, Apex Legends is gearing up for its Season 8 release. In 2021, Respawn isn’t messing around. The new year brings all sorts of amazing updates, with map changes even bigger than Season 7’s, new playable characters, and even a new featured weapon.

Check out the new gameplay modes, battle pass rewards, and other updates here. We’ve got the latest info on Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem.

New Legend: Fuse

As Respawn says, “Fuse doesn’t lack confidence, but he often lacks a plan. He’s a blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy.” Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy is the explosive harbinger of Season 8’s mayhem. The legend joins Apex as a tactical bomber.

Take a look at his moves below. Note: at the time of publication, Fuse’s kit hasn’t been released by Respawn. The following speculative analysis takes from cinematics, trailers, and other leakers.

Tactical Ability: Grenade Throw
Throw a small grenade that explodes sequentially, like a cluster bomb, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Passive Ability: Arc-Star Toss
Toss an arc-star at a target, possibly improving grenade-throwing abilities and increasing his speed.

Ultimate Ability: Firebomb Mortar
Fire a mortar to the sky, eventually splitting apart into a downstorm of fire, bombs, and explosions. This one’s a heavy-hitter!

Check out Fuse’s backstory below:

New Weapon: 30–30 Repeater

The 30–30 Repeater is Fuse’s weapon of choice, a lever-action rifle. In a first, The 30–30 Repeater is one of the first guns with a unique mechanic, giving players the choice to hip fire at a faster rate or ADS with a re-chamber time.

It’s a popular choice on Fuse’s home planet, Salvo. Imagine being able to decimate your opponent with fully-charged, heavy-hitting rounds. You’ll also need to make sure you have a strategy in mind for stealth with this gun. Do not give away your location!

The 30–30 will be the latest weapon to come to the Apex Games after Season 6 introduced the Volt, a fast-firing energy SMG that’s quickly turned into a powerhouse thanks to its rate of fire and damage.

New Map: Kings Canyon

Finally! A new look for Kings Canyon. We’ve had fun in Olympus, but we’re happy to see everyone’s favorite proving grounds in action–even if it’s being taken over. Take a look at the most recent improvements and expansions to the map!

As you’re looking, make sure to check out how to optimize your sound for Apex Legends, and how to use the in-game sound to your advantage when sneaking around Kings Canyon.

Crash Site
The Crash Site brings in an entirely new playable portion of the map, bringing with it the Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach program. In addition to these new developments, the ship itself is a great king-of-the-hill style obstacle for players of all styles to mount.

Spotted Lakes
Slum Lakes are no more. Spotted Lakes are covered in contaminated waters, and ECHO camps are built all around to help clean up the mess, and reverse the crashed ship’s damage. The Spotted Lakes are positioned with the Dam as the central landing spot to fight over, acting as a divider between the camps on the east and west sides. Be sure to stay on the lookout for the newly-built massive zipline!

Uncovered Bones
With updates to Spotted Lakes, come updates to the surrounding areas. Now it’s even easier to access Runoff and Airbase. Look at the ancient Leviathan bones, and take the scenic rotation into Runoff. Explore dropping in on the Northwestern part of the map and see how the Uncovered Bones work for you.

These major and minor adjustments will be play a large part in the mid-season update later this year, so stay tuned and get familiar with the new map while you can.

New Gameplay: Gold Mags

Gold Magazines are capable of automatically reloading holstered weapons. They were removed from the initial preview for the Season, after some blowback.

I think some of you imagine this to be a lot faster than it is,” Daniel Klein, Senior Game Designer, wrote: “There’s a good delay before a holstered weapon is reloaded, and if it turns out that delay isn’t long enough, we can always increase it.”

“This shouldn’t be usable for cheating out of a reload, this should be for switching to another weapon, using it for a bit, then switching back to your reloaded weapon.”

Likely, the Gold Mags won’t be problematic. But if it does, Apex Developers can always change the cooldown, so this new magazine may be tweaked in the future.

Battle Pass & Anniversary Collection

Shrugtal, a data miner, has confirmed there will be an anniversary collection in Season 8. Apex developers are reintroducing classic Legends skins from older seasons, and these skins will feature new colours. Judging by some of the leaked skins, it appears the color theme is red and black. All of the Legends — except Horizon, Rampart, and Loba — will be receiving anniversary recolor skins.

Be certain to stay tuned for Battle Pass announcements. We will update this article as more information is provided!

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