5 Awesome Things about Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Before the end of the year, Apex Legends is gearing up for its Season 7 release. Looking for a way to get ahead of the competition? Other than these guides, research modifying your PC gaming set up–like headphones, mice, and keyboards.

This season’s update will be the biggest yet, with entire map changes, new playable characters, and even a new vehicle. Check out the new gameplay modes, battle pass rewards, and other updates here. We’ve got the latest info on Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension.

New Legend: Horizon

Horizon is an astrophysicist with a Scottish accent, primed to warp the fabric of space-time to her advantage. If you’re keen to staying in the air, Horizon will help you embrace your play-style, or get you experimenting with different techniques. Check out her abilities below.

Tactical Ability: Gravity Lift
Reverses gravity, lifting players upwards and boosting them away from her.

Passive Ability: Space Walk
Increased air control and reduced fall-impact damage, thanks to Horizon’s trusty spacesuit.

Ultimate Ability: Black Hole
Deploy N.E.W.T. to create a powerful micro-black hole that pulls players toward it, hitting them with a graviton blast.

Want to learn more about Horizon? Watch her backstory in Apex Legends’ latest video release.

New Vehicle: Trident

Apex Legends’ first pilotable vehicle, the Trident, is certain to take players by storm this season. Designed exclusively for Olympus, the Trident is your go-to vehicle for getting around the map. Make sure to check it out with every Legend, as they all interact with Trident in different ways.

Our suggestions? Use the Trident to get away from the closing storm, hanging at the map’s edge until you know you’re ready to face the other challengers. Unfortunately, you can’t use the Trident to deal damage to other players, but you can be damaged while inside the vehicle. However, the Trident will not explode.

Try using it to get to the scene of the action, or evade enemy fire as quick as possible!

New Map: Olympus

A high-tech, hovering city, Olympus is primed for your latest battles. Located on the planet Psamathe (Octane and Lifeline’s hometown), the map appears to be a lush, sprawling environment. Take note of the ramps and tall towers, and check out the mysterious orb at the edge of the map. And take a few laps through the Phase Runner! Even if you’re not Horizon, you can still benefit from the warping of spacetime.

Make sure to check out how to optimize your sound for Apex Legends, and how to use the in-game sound to your advantage when sneaking around Olympus.

New Gameplay: Clubs

Love the social aspect of Apex Legends? The new Clubs development is certain to keep you playing. With Clubs, you and your friends can build a squad that practices and plays together. Whether with your closest friends or others around the world, you can join clubs and participate in club events, get club announcements, or just say Hi.

On Season 7’s lobby, there will be a new tab–“Club.” If you visit the club tab when you’re not already a member of a club, you’ll get you two options:

  • Find a Club
  • Create a Club

Make sure to check out the featured clubs, in case you’re looking to join one but haven’t yet made your own or decided who you want in.

New Battle Pass Details

This season’s new battle pass will feature a streamlined leveling up process, with new additions and easier achievements for all gamers.

There are a few key differences, however. For example, no more weekly challenges. These are now organized into daily challenges. You can also unlock new skins like Wraith’s High Class, and Octane’s Fast Fashion.

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